The Rooks

Northwest Master and slave 2019
International Master and slave 2020

The Rooks are nonbinary leatherdykes who love authority exchange. Since 2011, they have been doing the hard rewarding work of crafting their 24/7 live-in ownership relationship dynamic. They live in Juneau, Alaska and flag hunter green. boy rook (he/him) is collared property, a bootblack, a pup, and a boy. He is the co-creator and illustrator of The Gender Book and the game Kinkopoly. Mx. Rook (they/them) is a poet, a student of energetic embodiment, and a rough sex enthusiast. They have written more than a million dirty words in books, anthologies, columns, and their own site, Sugarbutch.net. The Rooks stay busy teaching at dozens of events and online at DsPlayground.com. They have over 30 years of practice with D/s between them, and are honored to be Northwest Master and slave 2019 and International Master and slave 2020. Follow their adventures at facebook.com/NWMs2019

Master Rook (they/them) is a teacher, speaker, and acclaimed writer under the pseudonym Sinclair Sexsmith. They have written more than one million words at their personal writing project sugarbutch.net, which was noted as the number one erotica sex blog and the number one LGBTQ sex blog online in 2019 from Kinkly. They have led many online D/s and M/s workshops and courses together with their slave and on their own, including Mastering Dominance, D/s Playground, Dom Club, and ongoing monthly webinars since October 2018. Master Rook facilitates BDSM & energy workshops through their spiritual community Body Trust, and has taught gender, sexuality, and kink classes at sex toy stores, colleges, and conferences around the US and Canada since 2006. They were awarded the National Leather Association Cynthia Slater non-fiction award in 2015, the John Preston short story award in 2016 and 2019, and were a finalist for the Lambda Literary Erotica Award in 2015. Master Rook is proud to own slave rook since 2011.

slave rook (he/him or they/them) is a genderqueer leatherboy from Texas, property of Mx. Rook since collaring ceremony in 2014. he found his first dominant at the age of 15 after realizing his first girlfriend was also a big ol’ bottom (whoops). he enjoys serving M/s, leather, and kink communities through teaching, mentorship, bootblacking, leather crafting, web design, & illustration. in vanilla life, he goes on many long dog walks in the woods and enjoy hammocks. slave rook is in a 24/7 total power exchange relationship and working on submitting through doing the dishes and folding laundry, as well as serving sadistic and sexual needs. Sees submission as a spiritual calling, and his service and pain alike are gifts of love and devotion to Master. he is more satisfied and fulfilled than he can ever remember being before in his life. a very lucky boy, and proud to serve as your 2019 Northwest slave.