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rife and I broke down dozens of aspects of D/s into four broad, main experiences — bondage, discipline, service, and sensation — which we both believe are some of the most common places for people to enter into a D/s headspace There are hundreds of aspects within each of these, but I hope they can serve as the beginnings of a container for us to start playing.

Each of those aspects became a module for the course. Each course module has five parts:

1. The live session: This is where all the players come together to meet and greet each other, and to talk about our submissive experiences lately. This is also your opportunity to ask me questions about the module or questions about D/s theory in general.

2. The materials: Guest videos, porn to watch, erotica to read, or articles about submissive theory to read

3. The experiment: Each module has a suggested experiment for you to try out and reflect on. More about this is detailed below, but rest assured that everything can be modified to fit where you are precisely at, and that you can do these experiments with or without a partner

There are three levels of experimentation:

• LEVEL ONE: I’m new to this, inexperienced; or, I’ve experienced some trauma around this and it doesn’t feel safe to me anymore

• LEVEL TWO: I have a pretty good sense of this, but I want to work my edge and explore more.

• LEVEL THREE: I’m kind of an expert, lots of experience; I’ve plateaued and I need a push

4. The journals: These are the worksheets, the reflection prompts for you to do at the end of each of the materials. They might be something useful to send to a partner or accountability buddy.

5. The community: If you are part of the Sugarbutch Patreon, you have access to a private chat server through Discord. It’s for patrons of Sugarbutch only, so it is a special group of people interested in thoughtful conversations about D/s, queerness, kink, and psychology. Sign up over on Patreon to come join the conversation there.