What is D/s Playground?

It’s an e-course that leads you through exploring BDSM, kink, and power dynamics in a structured way. You can do it alone or with partners, exploring your dominant side, your submissive side, or switch to do both! Each unit has two weeks of material such as instructional videos, essays, readings, and porn/erotica to demonstrate the concepts involved. Once you’ve studied up on the topic, it’s time to design your own experiment and collect the data.

D/s Playground doesn’t teach you how to be a dominant or a submissive, but rather offers tools, resources, texts, and experiments to explore your own relationship to dominance, submission, and authority exchange, so you can articulate your interests and explore your edges.

After these explorations you will be better able to communicate what you’re looking for and desire — which greatly increases your chances of having it!

Course Syllabus


unit one
The Bondage unit sets up the pattern for the entirety of the course: consuming guest videos, articles, and other materials, then doing your own experiment on the subject at hand, then collecting the data in your own unique way.


unit two
Got a fetish for punishment? Do you like to entice your top to go harder by disobeying? Or does your sub messing up your instruction make you sad? This week, we’ll explore three big pieces of discipline: Protocol, punishment, and obedience. What are your motivations for power exchange? What keeps you inspired to stay in your position?


unit three
For some, service is both a fetish and a “language of love,” a way we express care for other people. We’ll explore domestic service, sexual service, and service in community this week, and get clearer about the ways we express our care and devotion to our partners, as well as some ways we can better receive the service we are offered.


unit four
What’s it like to receive intense sensation? What’s it like to give it? Are there pain processing techniques you can use to be able to take more than you currently can? We’ll explore various sides of receiving and giving sensation from the playful to the painful, and explore further ways to explore your masochist and/or sadist side(s) after the course ends.

The Philosophy

Admit it. You’re a geek about this kink stuff. The thought of having sexy homework to do turns you on. We get it. We believe everything is an experiment. Do the experiment, collect the data. Have better, more fulfilling power dynamics. For science!

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