7-part course for folks who want to up their dominant game.

The purpose of this ecourse is to encourage more thoughtfulness about your practices of dominance and power exchange, and to share my best ideas for how you can grow your learning edges in D/s.

The 7 parts of the Mad Dom Skills ecourse are:

Getting the Green Light: On Consent, Flirting, and “Just Take Me”

Make a Choice: Create a Palette of Permission

The Power in Receiving: Dominant Bottoming

Constructing an “On Switch”: On Ritual & Protocol

You Aren’t Infallible: On Fucking Up, Failure, & Forgiveness

Keep Your Desire Sharp: Masturbation is Research

Trust Building through Aftercare

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It is intended for anyone who either knows they are a dominant or has suspicion that they are and would like to learn more about it. The gender of the dominant (or your submissive) is irrelevant (not to you, probably, but to the course)—it doesn’t matter who you’re dominating, you’ll still need to grow (and re-grow and re-evaluate and work on and re-work) these Mad Dom Skills.

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