Controlled & Conscious Behavior

“The most common slave fantasy is probably of being punished, but i think the erotic charge of this is really a metaphor for discipline, which is not the same as punishment. Discipline is controlled behavior; punishment is simply a means, and often not a very good one, of achieving discipline. Just as slaves need to obey, we need to follow rules and to push ourselves to live up to some ideal.” —slave david stein, in What Slaves Need

Discipline Materials

There are some very exciting teachings in the Discipline unit for you!

  • Watch a video from International Master 2011, Liza, on the types of punishments
  • Watch a video from Princess Kali on training and discipline
  • Watch a short video of SkinDiamond practicing positions
  • Read a document describing all the 12 submissive positions
  • Read a queer erotic story, “Call Me Sir,” by BB Rydell
  • A worksheet from the (out of print) book Discipline by Lily Lloyd about making new rules & protocol
  • Create a “training wheel” for yourself or your partner

    And homework — conduct your own bondage experiment!