the Protocol game

52 weeks of fun, sexy experiements

  1. Decide on training areas
  2. Brainstorm protocols for each
  3. Assemble your kit of 52 strips
  4. Draw one per week
  5. Try it out!
  6. Check in weekly to collect the data
  7. repeat!

What is protocol?

We define protocol as something done routinely that is triggered by an action.

For example: Whenever x happens, do y. For example: Whenever I get home, offer to remove my boots. Whenever we wake up, make the bed. Whenever you need to pee, ask my permission first (if I am available). Before you go to bed, make sure the dishes are done. Whenever you address me, use my proper title.

But how do you come up with 52?!

Make a training wheel

To the right is rife’s training wheel- yours will look way different! Choose 5-7 categories based on: your identity, areas you’d like to improve in, and some that are just plain sexy for sexy’s sake.

then, come up with 8-10 protocols per training area

Try filling in the blanks using our protocol madlibs! After your big brainstorm, choose your favorite 52 and write them on strips of paper. You’ll try out one each week at random and then check in to collect the data: what worked, what you might like to change, and then let it go to move on to the next one.

Have fun playing with protocol!

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