D/s Playground doesn’t teach you how to be a dominant or a submissive — it provides a space for you to explore, and find out for yourself.

Come join Sinclair, rife, Tru, and Jessie for a deep dive into power dynamics.


Special LIVE Summer Semester of D/s Playground starts July 2022!

Here’s the four units in the course:


BONDAGE is a metaphor for D/s. Bondage is restriction and restraint, but it is also safety and containment.


SERVICE can be given or received, both as a dominant and a submissive, while maintaining the D/s dynamic.


DISCIPLINE is controlled behavior, with theories about protocol, rules, and D/s structure.


SENSATION encourages all sorts of erotic sensations, from subtle to bold, to enhance D/s experiences.

Each unit has:


➔ Articles or erotic stories for you to read


➔ Instructional videos to watch from well known educators


➔ Concepts to explore for yourself


➔ Journal prompts for each of the materials, so you can think deeply through your relationship to these ideas


➔ A customizable experiment for YOU to conduct, and collect the data

D/s Playground is available year-round as an on-demand, DIY course. But in Summer 2022, we’re running it LIVE.


Here’s what you get with the live course that you don’t get in the DIY:

➔ Four instructors! Sinclair will be joined by three other skilled folks (Jessie, Tru, & rife) who will support this experience


➔ Live webinars, once every two weeks, for each unit


➔ Office hours with Sinclair to ask specific questions


➔ Breakout “labs” to discuss things with other doms, subs, switches, and other affinity groups


➔ A message board to keep in touch with other folks in the course

Yes, the live webinars will be recorded!

Each of the four units will have live webinars, once every two weeks, to discuss what we learned in the unit.

You’ll also have the option of joining labs, which will be affinity groups specific to certain identities, which will meet once each unit. Jessie, Tru, rife, and myself will all be facilitating the different labs.

Course begins
Sunday, July 17, 2022

Last day to register is Saturday, July 16, 2022

All webinars are Sundays, 5-6pm PT / 8-9pm ET

Live webinar dates:

BONDAGE — July 24, 2022
DISCIPLINE — August 7, 2022
SERVICE — August 21, 2022
SENSATION — September 11, 2022

Meet the team!

Sinclair Sexsmith

Sinclair (they/them) is an award-winning queer butch writer. They have been in a live-in 24/7 Owner/property dynamic since 2011, and have been studying total power exchange since 2007. They are a sadist, a dominant, an Owner, and a leather titleholder, and they love guiding people through experiments to discover more about themselves.


rife is a genderqueer leather dyke from Texas. He loves climbing trees, dogs, and making stuff. He is the illustrator and co-creator of The Gender Book, the Protocol Game, and Kinkopoly. When not serving his Owner, he serves many other folks in the community through his graphic and web design small business.


Jessie is a black queer leather person with a hint of femme who finds contentment in the crafting and care of leather. Jessie is a shoeshine by day and at night she bootblacks at your favorite Leather bars. Delighted by the bloodiest of things, she enjoys trying to escape, but knives and needles get her eager to please. She yearns to make “passion” a saturated verb.


Tru (she/her/they/them) is a genderqueer kinkster who loves to geek out on sex and intimacy and strives to understand and de-clusterfuck the impacts of systemic oppression on all bodies. As a multi-racial genderqueer body, Tru understands what it feels like to not belong to any particular place or culture, and what it means to re-write the stories we have about identity, sex, deep embodied pleasure, and joy.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I take D/s Playground if I’m single? Can I take D/s Playground if I’m not in a D/s relationship?

Yes! D/s Playground is designed for anyone to attend — they just have to want to explore either dominance or submission. Switches, non-monogamous folks, folks who aren’t sure if they are dominant or submissive or what, people new to kink, people with lots of kink experience (who are maybe even a little bit (okay, a lot) jaded) — there are ways to apply the D/s Playground materials, community, and reflection to any place along your D/s journey.


I can’t afford it! Do you have a sliding scale or scholarship available?


Will the webinars be recorded?

Yes! Webinars will be recorded and available to you to download after they are live.


Will you have an ASL interpreter for the webinars?

All the webinars will be transcribed. Please get in touch at sinclair@sugarbutch.net if you need an ASL interpreter, and I will do my best to accommodate different access needs.


More questions?

Email Sinclair, sinclair@sugarbutch.net.