Scholarships to D/s Playground Summer Semester 2022

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Partial scholarships to D/s Playground are available for BIPOC and trans folks.

You don’t have to prove anything; you just need to have financial hardship, unable to pay the full rate (which is $400).

Partial scholarships cover $200 (50%) of the cost, so the total cost for D/s Playground’s Summer Semester in 2022 will be $200.

I know that community, feedback, and support for your D/s relationships can be transformational, and I feel strongly that these things should be accessible to everyone who wants them. I strive to make it so that money is not a barrier to participating in my group classes or private lessons. For this reason, I reserve some sliding scale spots for working class students in all of my classes.

I believe that teachers and artists deserve to make a living wage. For this reason, the number of scholarship spots I am able to offer is limited. Please be mindful that if you sign up for a scholarship spot when you can truthfully afford the standard rate, either on your own or with help from family or friends, you are limiting access for others.

Use code potion2022 when you check out to receive the scholarship.

If you are not BIPOC or trans, there is a sliding scale available; click here for more info.

Even with the scholarship, some of you might not be able to afford the cost of this course. If this is you, and you are eager to take the course, contact Sinclair at sinclair@sugarbutch.net and ask about payment plans.